Trekking in Nepal after COVID 19

21 months ago

Trekking in Nepal after post-Covid 19, has been a great dramatic change in the tourism industry of the country. Although Covid-19 did affect Nepal from mid- 2020 and slowly faded by the end of 2021. 

Trekking in Nepal with View Nepal

Few mountaineering expeditions operated successfully during the time of the Covid pandemic, where visitors required medical documents as well as immunization.

As well as staying a week in isolation with a full checkup and having strong medical insurance against the pandemic. 

In comparison to the rest of the world and neighboring countries like China and India. Where Nepal had the least number of Covid-19 patients, the death toll was almost nil. Which made Nepal a fresh country to travel to, as long the interested travelers have proper medical and insurance documents.

From the beginning of spring from March to May 2022, Covid-19 was almost eradicated and slowed down. The country received thousands of visitors especially for trekking as well for mountaineering expeditions.

Nepal was back, lively with a flow of trekkers around the Himalayas for various adventure activities. At present even during the off-season of monsoon wet rainy times, visitors to Nepal have increased an unexpected rise.

Trekking in Nepal after Covid 19, more flow of trekkers and visitors could be seen for all types of adventures. The sleepy tourism industry of Nepal is back into life and more active than it was in previous years. Before the Pandemic spread across the world, thank god Nepal did not suffer a big loss. Like other European nations or Asian countries, the country had few cases but it was soon controlled on time.

Trekking in Nepal before the Covid 19, the ministry of tourism declared Visit Nepal Year 2020. Where huge promotions and marketing were spread nearly all around the globe, but unfortunately it could not happen. Due to strong Covid-19 viral that had reached all over Europe after China, as well as far to other continents.

Nepal, with big losses and drawbacks in the country’s economy, where tourism plays a vital role as a huge economy. Not only for trekking, or other various adventures where hotels, restaurants and souvenirs shops and handicrafts industries were most affected. As well thousands of employees who were attached and linked with tourism directly or indirectly had to lose their job.   

Nepal and the rest of the world dependent upon tourism could only pray that the pandemic would end soon. As most developed nations’ scientists, like China, UK and USA had come with various vaccination against Covid-19.

Which was a big relief to the world to survive through tourism, where millions of Nepalese were vaccinated. The routine of vaccination against Covid-19 still exists in Nepal with boosted dosage for all age groups. Where wearing masks is mandatory in every walks of life, due to good precautionary measures.

Nepal became one of the safest countries to visit after Covid-19 was slowly disappearing. From the end of 2021 till present in 2022, at present foreign visitors or Nepalese, are aware. In how to take care of the situation, the Nepal Tourism Department has opened up its doors.     

Where all travelers can easily enter Nepal without any obligations, as long all visitors have sound medical health.

To and beyond Himalayas

Nepal is fully opened and the Himalayas beckons you:

Trekking in Nepal after Covid-19. Big relief to millions of wide-world eager travelers to visit Nepal, for various exotic adventure destinations around the Himalayas.  

Nepal, with fresh cool mountain air, makes a refreshing beginning for all trekkers after a long gap of two years. After the Pandemic, the country around the Himalayas is fresh with pristine surroundings. A big welcome sign for all interested trekkers, to enjoy the alluring beauty of Nepal Himalayas.

Although, few areas of the Himalayas have changed over the past two years after Covid-19. Where the motorable road has reached some of the high hills of the Annapurna region around both ends, north, and south.

Which has made the trek quite shorter than it was before, making it easier for people with limited holidays.

The Everest Region remains the same, but with a few slight changes where a flight to Lukla operates from Ramechap, Manthali airport. People who are flying to Lukla for the Everest base camp trek or other various adventure destinations around Khumbu. The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla has been re-routed from the town of Manthali, the headquarters of the Ramechap district. 

All trekkers flying to Lukla need to reach Ramechap a day earlier to catch the early morning flight to Lukla. The other option is driving early morning from Kathmandu by 2-3 a.m. covering a 150 k.m. distance of 4-5 hours. Reaching Ramechap, Manthali airport. From Ramechap takes a 20-25 minute flight to Lukla, about five minutes shorter than from Kathmandu. Which makes a great difference on a mountainous small airstrip and to enjoy the trek around the Everest region.

The other changes over the years are for people interested in Ghorepani and Poon Hill. Can enjoy the drive from Pokhara to Ulleri village, the newly motorable shortens a day’s walks. Similarly, on the way back after visiting the famous Ghorepani and Poon Hill, take an alternative route via Ghandruk village.

Where the road has reached nearly Ghandruk, these are the few changes over the years after Covid-19.

Interested people for Upper Mustang, can enjoy the adventure in the comfort of a jeep and four-wheel drive. Where one can enjoy the picturesque landscape of Mustang reaching Lo-Manthang in just a few days’ drives. Having overnights stops in between for rest and acclimatization and completing the whole journey, just in 4-5 days. Which is from Pokhara to Pokhara or flying in and out of Jomsom town, saving time and money. 

In the spring of 2022 after Covid-19, the major flow of trekkers as well as many mountaineering expeditions. Trekking destinations all around Nepal were active and lively as they were in past few years before the pandemic.

This upcoming autumn season is one of the peaks and high times for trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. Where most days are fine with enough sunshine and clear days for views and walks. 

So be prepared for the autumn season starts from September to November, where popular trekking destinations are. Like Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region will be quite busy with the main flow of trekkers.

Including Manaslu Circuit, which is gaining popularity over the last few decades, an enjoyable adventure around the massif Manaslu Himalayas.

Nepal Himalayas offers both popular and off-the-beaten tracks away from main busy trails also. Like the Makalu and Kanchenjunga base camp trekking, as well as the Far wild-west to Upper and Lower Dolpo.       

Various exciting and scenic destinations to choose from, besides beautiful views of mountains the local culture are equally fascinating. The charm of trekking in Nepal after Covid-19 is the friendly nature and warm hospitality of the Nepalese people.

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