Tonny Tan

Mr. Tan is a tour planner of View Nepal Treks from Indonesia.  He has been working with View Nepal since 2016 as a Director of an operator from Indonesia. He takes a keen interest in the requirements of our clients and strives to provide the best program for them. He is interested in traveling since childhood that has already visited some places in Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Europe. After graduated from law faculty,  he started working in a bank in the legal department for 6 years and after that, he worked as a sales engineer in steel trading company for 10 years before he started to run his own business until now. Even busy in steel business he still does traveling and looking for new unique, mysterious places in the world because his opinion traveling can widen and open people mind to understand other cultures, habits, and behaviors. Countries around Mount Everest like Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan are truly unique and mysterious places and not many people know deeply these countries so he tries to introduce and invite people especially in Indonesia to visit and explore the hidden beauty of Everest and countries around.


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