Nepal Trekking Best Times

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‘seasonal adventures around Nepal Himalaya for super mountain panorama’

Nepal Trekking Best Times where one can explore and trek around nearly all months of the year facing spectacular scenery of high Himalayan peaks in the harmony of local culture around high hills villages.

Buddhist Stupa, Bodnath, Katmandu, Nepal

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Nepal Trekking Best Times to choose depends upon your holiday duration and interest as the country offers a wide range of opportunities for trekkers within all seasons of the year, where one can trek on tranquil surroundings and in the comfort of nice cozy lodges during your walks.

Nepal Trekking Best Times from early spring of March to May including autumn season from mid-September to December months around pre-winter months for clear views and pleasant trekking.

Nepal Trekking Best Times:

March to May during spring season where hills are alive with wild-flowers in full bloom and enchanting scenery to enjoy around springs where you will be captured with mind-blowing views of the white capped mountain range, a great contrast against colorful flowers of various species.

Rhododendron, magnolia, orchids, and premolar are the main flowering plants that you will encounter, where you will be in the midst of tall to bush rhododendron that produce varieties of colors that makes rolling green hills and valley a natural garden.

Red Rhododendron a national flower of Nepal where one experience walking into dense rhododendron tree lines all around the hills of Nepal and adjoining Himalayan countries along with blankets of miniature flowers on the walking trails.

Ama Dablam peak, Mt Everest Region, Himalayas, Nepal

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Days a clear most of the morning till mid-afternoon and can get overcast sometimes with chances of thundershowers even snow in some areas around higher elevation on walks, but it will picturesque views to rejoice.

Much of the days in spring are with longer sunlight hours from early 5:30 a.m. to late 6:30 p.m. where one can cover the great distance before sunsets, where temperatures drop from minimum
– 01° C to – 05° C with a maximum of 15° C to 25° Celsius in the sunlight and exposed areas.

The temperatures differs altitude wise but pleasant time for walks around Nepal Himalaya and also crossing high passes as per the itinerary program chosen.

Mid September to December where one can visit around high hills and mountainous region of Nepal Himalaya, where in September hills are much greener from post monsoon rains with enough clear days for mountain views and walks.

October to November another best time of the year in mid and late autumn season where most of the days are much clear with fine blue sky for excellent views of snow peaks and pleasant walks where one can cross high passes without much difficulty.

Chances of snow around higher areas from 2,000 m onward sometime but only for some days but much of the days are fine and clear for treks around Nepal Himalaya, where temperatures falls low in the morning and night times of minimum – 05° C to – 10° C with maximum of 15° C to 20° Celsius around higher hills and mountainous areas much cooler in shade also.

Where day light hours are much shorter where sunrise reaches late in the morning and disappears before 5 p.m. due to autumn and fall season.

December to mid February are good months during winter seasons if not crossing high passes as chances of snow is quite high during winter times of December to February months, an excellent time for walks where high passes does not involves.

During winter days much shorter sunlight hours and can be freezing cold where temperatures reach below minus with chances of snow, but enjoyable and scenic walks as most of the days during winter are crystal clear for scenic mountain views and enjoyable walks.

Monsoon the wet rainy seasons starts from June or late till mid September months sometimes where trekking will be low with less number of trekkers and adventurer, but very green full of moisture that helps and support trekkers on high altitude walks, than on dry season of April and May months.

Nepal Trekking Best Times in wet Monsoon:

As moisture produce oxygen that helps on high elevation and chance of getting altitude sickness is minimum, however much wet with rains on walks but delightful to see green and lush vegetation and walking on peaceful trail with less people to encounter.

Travelers who are interested in flowers and vegetation or enjoy walks where less trekkers visits during this low season of monsoon wet months will be blessed with exotic flora and fauna in abundance, good time for botany students also where one can find and explore area for various species of rare plants and flowers and wild mountains animals.

Trekkers might be surprised to know that in Nepal where one can trek during monsoon wet rainy months where it is possible as Nepal Himalaya offers treks to high mountainous region and deep valley around Dolpo and Mustang area.

As Dolpo and Mustang area falls with Far North Western Himalaya where heavy monsoon dark clouds are blocked by high Himalayan mountain region, Dolpo and Mustang located within rain shadow area similar to Tibetan dry and arid landscapes and yet beautiful to explore and visit.

During monsoon time southern Himalaya are green with lush vegetation and heavily wooded tree-lines, where behind high Himalayan range peaks like some places around Annapurna-Everest, Tsum Valley, Mustang and Dolpo including Humla and Limi are dry country which is also an extension of vast Tibetan South West plateau.

Nepal Trekking Best Times:

Nepal has four major seasons, namely (1) spring (2) summer: June to August, (3) autumn / fall: September-November, (4) winter: December to February.

Nepal can be visited whole year round as per one interest and areas of trekking from short to longer walking destination with overwhelming and adventurous experience to enjoy all around Nepal Himalaya as well choosing the right local company.

Where View Nepal Treks and Expedition will be a perfect choice provides you with full information and trekking details of your interest for safe and best adventure holidays in Nepal trekking an on best time of the year.

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