Nepal Restricted Trekking Areas

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enjoyable and scenic destinations around forbidden areas of Nepal Himalaya’

Nepal Restricted Trekking Areas where interesting adventure and trekkers can now venture and visit around once-forbidden areas of Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Tsum Valley and Around Manaslu includes Nepal Far West of Humla and Limi valley with Nar and Phu.

Some scenic areas around Nepal beautiful destinations still remain restricted for individual and budget trekkers to control the mass flow of visitors and to retain its fragile pristine environment from destruction.

Nepal, Upper Mustang, Kali Gandaki gorge, Man returning from worship.

Photo: Sergey Orlov

Areas like Upper Mustang, Manaslu, Tsum and Limi valley was once closed and forbidden to enter for foreign visitors due to its closeness border with Tibet, wherein past early days like pioneers and explorer Bill Tilman, Tony Hagen ventured around far and wide corners of Nepal Himalaya in search of new passage and route to Tibet and other Himalayan Shangri-la.

The places around Nepal restricted trekking areas are raw with complete wilderness, for centuries which was once a forbidden country has now been opened since last few decades for trekkers and adventurer to witness its rich culture, traditions and age-old heritage life style in the backdrop of amazing scenery of mountains and dramatic landscapes views.

Most of the area after it was closed and forbidden slowly began to open the doors like Upper Mustang, then Manaslu with Upper Dolpo and freshly opened are Nar-Phu and Tsum Valley.

Due to its restriction limiting few numbers of trekkers to visit the wild country and still remains undisturbed and untouched by outside world, a great opportunity for interested visitors to observe the special area which was once closed at present trekkers can enjoy the walk with extra fees obtaining special permits to enter around Nepal Restricted Trekking Areas.   

Nepal Restricted Trekking Area of Upper Mustang:

Upper Mustang a country North West of Nepal Himalaya beyond Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range of mountains, an extension of Tibetan vast plateau where old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade and Caravan Route of Nepal to Tibet passes through Mustang region towards high Karo-La pass.

The trade route is still active between Upper Mustang and Tibet which is mere distance from former walled kingdom of Upper Mustang known as the country of Lo where ancient culture and heritage still alive that makes this trip more special.

Upper Mustang once closed to outside visitors due to its closeness with Tibet / China border a remote country to visit Mustang region and was least accessible to reach.

The area was opened since last century from mid 1980’s making it possible for trekkers and interested travelers to visit and to witness its great treasures of beautiful and interesting cultures including its unique landscapes.

Where former and late walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang located ruled by monarch known as Raja / king of Mustang, as Mustang situated within Nepal the Government granted to run its own province by the Raja called Bista due to its remoteness and out of reach from the capital Kathmandu.

Although there are no monarch in Mustang and in Nepal, but a beautiful country to visit and to witness its magnificent landscapes of eroded high hills and canyon that changes the color with sun lights.

 Lower Mustang and whole of Mustang region where Jomsom town is the main administrative headquarter can be reached with drives or flight from beautiful city Pokhara.

Brief Itinerary:

Day 01:            Drive / fly to Pokhara 860 m-06 hrs (30 mins by air) transfer to hotel.

Day 02:            Fly to Jomsom 2,715 m (22 mins) trek to Kagbeni 2,807m – 04 hrs (special permits required from Kagbeni onward to enter restricted area of Upper Mustang)

Day 03:            Trek to Tsuang / Chusang 2,920m – 06 hrs.

Day 04:            Trek to Samar 3,290 m – 06 hrs.

Day 05:            Trek to Ghiling 3,600 m – 06 hrs.

Day 06:            Trek to Charang / Tsarang 3,520 m – 05 hrs.

Day 07:            Trek to Lo Manthang 3,780 m /12,402 ft -05 hrs

Day 08:            At Lo Manthang rest day for local excursion.

Day 09:            Trek to Ghami 3,440 m – 06 hrs.

Day 10:            Trek to Samar 3,150 m -05 hrs.

Day 11:            Trek to Kagbeni -05 hrs and transfer to lodge.

Day 12: Trek to Jomsom 2,715 m and transfer to lodge-04 hrs.

Day 13: Fly to Pokhara 22 mins and transfer to hotel near Phewa Lake.

Day 14: Drive / Fly to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

The above trek to restricted area of Upper Mustang can be reached taking a drive to and from Pokhara or with short flights both ways, where special permit required as per your duration within Upper Mustang.

The entry and exit point of Upper Mustang starts and end at nice old village of Kagbeni.

Kagbeni, a small mountain village along the popular Jomsom Trail, Kagbeni, Nepal, Asia


Nepal Restricted Trekking Area of Upper Dolpo:

A scenic country and undisturbed country where few trekkers often ventured in the heart of Upper Dolpo a restricted area beyond Inner and Lower Dolpo from Phoksumdo Lake.

Upper Dolpo an amazing place to visit taking scenic flights both ways with short transits at Nepalgunj city airport which is on route Kathmandu and Jhupal / Dolpo, where all trek to Dolpo starts and end.

Brief Itinerary:

Day 01:            Fly to Nepalgunj 150m and transfer to hotel.

Day 02:            Fly to Juphal 2,475 m and trek to Dunai 2,140 m -04 hrs.

Day 03:            Trek to Chhekpa 2,678 m- 05hrs.

Day 04:            Trek to Samduwa 3,038 m -05 hrs.

Day 05:            Trek to Phoksundo Lake 3,600m / 11,808 ft -05 hrs.

Day 06:            Rest and acclimatization day at Phoksundo Lake.

Day 07:            Trek to Phoksundo Khola Camp 3,750 m-05 hrs.

Day 08:            Trek to Low Camp 4,500 m -05 hrs (special permits required from here onward to enter restricted area of Upper Dolpo)

Day 09:            Trek to Shey Gompa 4,343m /14,245 ft via Kang-La pass 5,350 m /
                        17,548 ft -06 hrs.

Day 10:            Rest day to explore around high Shey Gompa / Crystal Monastery.

Day 11:            Trek to Namgung 4,360 m via Sela-la Pass 5,094 m -06 hrs.

Day 12:            Trek to Saldang 3,770 m / 12,365 ft -06 hrs.

Day 13:            Trek to Yangtsher Gompa 4,960m -05 hrs.

Day 14:            Trek to Sibu 4,560 m -05 hrs.

Day 15:            Trek to Jeng La Phedi 4,900 m -05/6hrs.

Day 16:            Trek to Tokyu 4,240 m crossing Jeng-la pass 5,216m – 06 hrs.

Day 17:            Trek to Dho Tarap 3,944 m – 05 hrs.

Day 18:            Trek to Tarap Khola 3,800 m -06 hrs.

Day 19:            Trek to Khani Gaun 3,150 m -06 hrs.

Day 20:            Trek to Tarakot 2,540 m-05 hrs.

Day 21:            Trek to Dunai 2,140 m -06 hrs.

Day 22:            Trek to Jhuphal 2,475m – 04 hrs.

Day 23:            Flight from Jhuphal to Nepalgunj and connect flight to Kathmandu.

Upper Dolpo falls within Restricted area of Nepal Himalaya where trekkers need special permit to enter into Upper and higher places of Upper Dolpo one of most beautiful and pristine country to visit.

Like Upper Mustang where Upper Dolpo can be trekked with monsoon times of July and August also, as the area falls within rain-shadow region.

Nepal Restricted Trekking Area Tsum and Manaslu Valley:
Tsum valley one of the newest restricted areas around Nepal Mid North-Westwithin upper range of Gorkha district located behind massive Ganesh Himal, since it was opened for travelers getting popular due to its beautiful hidden and scenic country, known as the valley of happiness.

Truly a great walks visiting rural farm villages and dramatic landscapes with high terrain where route leads from low warm area to cooler mid-hill to enter windswept territory of Tsum Valley and to reach at Mu Gompa / Monastery at the height of 3,750 m high.

For Tsum areas where trekker needs special permits to enter into valley of happiness of Tsum enclosed within Manaslu and Ganesh Himal massive mountain range.

Around Manaslu:

Manaslu one of special and restricted region within Nepal Himalaya where walk takes you around world 8th highest at the height of 8,163 m and 26,781 ft high the mountain was first climbed by Japanese expedition in 1955, since then it was closed for outside world.

High Manaslu Valley opened since last mid 1980’s for interested travelers to witness its beautiful country blessed with magnificent mountain views, impressive culture of age-old heritage life-style similar to Tibetans across the border, as Manaslu area an ancient trade route of Nepal and Tibet.

At 8156m, Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world, and a magnificent sight, Nepal, Himalayas, Asia

Alex Treadway

Manaslu although door has been opened but still remains as one of restricted areas of Nepal, where special permits required to enter into its beautiful country to enjoy the beauty of Upper Manaslu Valley and crossing high Larke-La pass.

Brief Itinerary:

Day 01:            Drive to Soti Khola via Arughat 710 m -08 hrs

Day 02:            Trek to Maccha Khola 900m -06 hrs.

Day 03:            Trek to Jagat 1,340 m-06 hrs.

Day 04:            Trek to Deng 1,804m – 06 hrs. (From here special required till Dharapani is
                        reached after staying around Upper Manaslu Valley)

Day 05:            Trek to Namrung 2,630 m-06 hrs.

Day 06:            Trek to Lho-Gaon 3,180 m – 06 hrs.

Day 07:            Trek to Sama-Gaon 3,530 m/11,578 ft – 06 hrs.

Day 08:            Acclimatization day at Sama-Gaon with short hike.

Day 09:            Trek to Samdo 3,860 m/12,660 ft – 04 hrs

Day 10:            Trek to Dharamsala /Larke Base 4,460m /14, 628 ft-04 hrs.

Day 11:            Trek to Bimthang 3,720 m/12, 201 ft via Larke-La pass 5,160 m -08 hrs.

Day 12:            Trek to Tilje 2,300 m / 7,544 ft -06 hrs.

Day 13:            Trek Tilje to Dharapani 1,963 m/ 6,440 ft and drive to Kathmandu – 07 hrs.

Tsum Valley: 

Tsum Valley located North of Gorkha district within Nepal Far North Mid-West behind mighty mountain range of Ganesh and Manaslu Himalaya, one of the few last remaining restricted areas of Nepal.

Tsum Valley the ultimate hidden Shangri-la of Himalaya flung its door open for outside world since last 1990’s where trekkers, explorer and adventurer can walk in this beautiful valley of happiness in Tsum.

The country and landscapes of Tsum extends from low warm paddy fields to cooler hills covered with alpine tree lines and then into sheer wilderness of arid and barren terrain like Tibetan territory, which is a mere distance on route to Tibet border from the last place of Tsum at Mu Gompa area.

Trekkers can take the pleasure to see this lovely country obtaining a special permits, this limits the flow of visitors and make this areas even more especial to venture.

Outline Itinerary of Tsum Valley:

Day 01: Drive to Soti Khola past Arughat town 710 m -07 hrs.

Day 02: Trek to Machha Khola 900m -06 hrs.

Day 03: Trek to Jagat 1,340 m-06 hrs.

Day 04: Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 05 hrs (special permits required from here onward to enter

               restricted area of Upper Manaslu valley)

Day 05: Trek to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hrs.

Day 06:  Trek to Chokan-Paro 3,010 m – 05 hrs.

Day 07:  Trek to Ni-le 3,361m after a visit of Milereppa cave – 06 hrs.

Day 08:  Trek to Mu Gompa 3,700 m – 04 hrs.

Day 09:   Rest day at Mu Gompa visit local village and monastery.

Day 10:   Trek to Rachen Gompa 3,240 m – 05 hrs.

Day 11:   Trek back to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hrs.

Day 12:   Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 06 hrs.

Day 13-15:  Trek back Soti-Khola.

Day 16:  Drive to Kathmandu -06 hrs.



The other region that falls within Restricted Areas are Nar-Phu area within the north of Manang Valley and beyond Chulu peaks, walk leads on same popular and scenic Annapurna circuit and then from Kodo village, near Chame town into a restricted and hidden area of Nar and Phu till walk ends at Manang valley.

Limi and Humla valley a complete hidden country and very close to Tibetan far western south plateau, a great trek, and exploration around Nepal Far North-Western Himalaya been opened since last 1990s, where trekkers can venture into the wildest country of Nepal Himalaya.

Walunchun-Gola with Lumba and Sumba-La pass: 

The area falls within Far Eastern Himalaya at the rim of Nepal with further east touches Northern state of India in Sikkim and further North extends to Tibet eastern border. Closed to foreign travelers for many centuries opened from the last two decades due to its remoteness and close to Tibet border, located within far end of Kanchenjunga massive mountain range.

Trek involves both way flight to reach the main highlight of the journey at Walunchun Gola village and after crossing high Lumba-Sumba-la entering near Makalu base camp route with a drive to low warm area of Arun Valley at Tumlingtar for short scenic flights back to Kathmandu.

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