Nepal Celebrate Ropain Festival – 2019

6 years ago

Tourists visiting Nepal taking part  in the rice plantation program.

The monsoon season in Nepal marks the beginning of many festivals reminiscent of Nepal’s rich culture, Nepal celebrate Ropain Festival -2019

One such festival is Ropain- the rice planting festival, which is celebrated on Ashar Pandhra (fifteenth day of Ashar). On this day, crop planting season officially begins in Nepal.

Rice is planted between the last week of June to the first week of July and is then harvested in mid-November.

Asar 15 is a official paddy plantation day where all farmer and other gather in rice field plant the rice in traditional way. This day celebrate as festival having Dahi Chiura (bitten rice, yogurt and fruits). They joyfully indulge in the plantation, which they accompany with singing, dancing and mud splashing in each other.

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