Nepal an Emerging Destination for Travelers after the COVID 19 Pandemic

29 months ago

Traveling to Nepal for a vacation is always suggested by many to be one of the most unique and serene experiences. It is no surprise that this country has been one of the most preferred locations for travelers looking to freshen up in 2022. Nepal has been alerted during the peak covid and has been applying safety measures since then. Travelers can enjoy the magnificent experiences this country has to offer and still be very safe here.

As per the research conducted by the University of York in the United Kingdom, Traveling is one of the best ways to rehabilitate mental health for the post-pandemic period. Additionally, they have concluded that nature-based vacation is most likely to help you in concentration, growing creativity, and finding more about yourself. Nepal is perfect for all these and more. After ending the restrictions completely for vaccinated travelers from all around the world, this country has seen a positive spike in tourism and travel industries as well.Sadhu, holy man, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal has been one of the nations which have adapted and upgraded a lot when it comes to COVID and travels post-pandemic. There were several worthy attempts in monitoring and educating locals even from the remotest parts of the Himalayas on travel and tourism. These efforts assure a better travel experience here for anyone planning to visit Nepal in 2022. Let’s look further into why you can pin Nepal as your ideal destination after the pandemic.

Why Nepal after the covid-19?

Traveling to Nepal would be obvious if you know anything about this Himalayan nation before. Even if you have never thought about being here are some reasons you will love to travel to Nepal after the pandemic.

Minimum Travel Restriction for Vaccinated travelers

Nepal was one of the first countries to resume travel and lessen the restrictions after the COVID-19 was partially controlled. One of the main reasons is the availability of sites here where social distancing is naturally possible. After the removal of the mandatory quarantine rules, you can travel here as freely as the pre COVID period. Being safe is your own responsibility and travelers are still appreciated when they follow simple safety measures though.Abundance of fantastic destinations free from tourists
Almost all the major tourist hubs around the world are not running properly due to the pandemic. Nepal on the other hand has been able to not only open the destination but, in many ways, enhance the travel experience there. There are still plenty of fantastic destinations here which you can visit and enjoy for a proper vacation. Similarly, you do have luxury options to choose from while traveling to the major attractions around the country. Hence, Nepal is basically unrestricted for different types of travelers from all around the world.

Natures’ Healer, Majestic regions to be alone and safe

One of the most common reasons most people can’t wait to travel and experience something different is due to the long period of lockdowns and several limitations due to the virus. You are so used to working and being online that you will miss the embrace of nature and what’s out there. Nepal is here to make you remember the joy of traveling and the beauty of mother nature once more. Enjoy being close to your loved ones while you are on the fantastic tours and trails of this country.

Budget Friendly traveling options

Budget is still one of the main reasons people choose one destination over another in 2022. Nepal offers you some of the most amazing budget travel options and you can still get the best value for the money spent. For your daily expense in Europe, you can do a week worth of traveling in this nation and still have a better time. The Nepalese people respect and value the tourists t their country. The love and hospitality you’ll witness while you are here are priceless. For the best budget tips, you can consult with the local travel operators and get their recommendations to get the best deals on whatever you choose to do here.

Experience the true outdoors in remote Nepal

Indoors had been the norm for some time. We do understand the importance of it. However, if there is a way to travel & indulge in some refreshing outdoor activities safely at the same time, why not take it. Trekking in the high mountains of Nepal is one of the best adventures you can complete in the world. Apart from these Nepal boasts an array of fantastic activities like Rafting, Mountain biking, Paragliding, Ziplines, Bungee Jumps, and much more which will add more spice to your everyday life.

A religious experience, a pilgrimage after the restrictions

Nepal is a deeply religious nation and you’ll be able to know the vibe right from the moment you’re here. The historical temples, shrines, monasteries, mosques, churches, and monuments here welcome everyone for a spiritual journey. With a local guide, you can discover the legends and significance of each religion and rituals associated with it while you are here. Make sure to experience this firsthand while you are here.

Still an amazing country for different types of travelers- Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the leading travel guide publisher in the world, has placed Nepal in the top 10 must-visit countries list for the year 2022. They are trusted by travelers of all sorts while selecting the destinations. Nepal being on that list is a strong indication of the nation with travel-loving individuals around the world. You can be amongst the very first tourists to experience the unique experience here, after the pandemic.

5 Must-Visit sites in Nepal when the virus is gone

Here are some of the best options if you are willing to choose Nepal for your next destination after the Pandemic. Each of these entries is beautiful in its own regard and Nepal has so much more than these to offer for different kinds of travelers.

  1. The ‘top of the world’ Everest
    You can’t go wrong while choosing to be in the surroundings of the tallest peak in the world. By gazing at this massive peak and surrounding mountains you will be able to appreciate nature more. Being in the Base Camp of the Mighty Mount Everest is an amazing way of resuming your travel post covid as well.
  2. Adventure Capital of South Asia, Pokhara
    Pokhara is considered by many as the tourist hub in Nepal. It is no surprise with the possibility this city holds among travelers. It was one of the favorite places where travelers choose to be during the lockdown period in Nepal as well. Enjoy the abundance of sites and must-do activities while you are in the Pokhara valley.
  3. The ‘City of Temples’ Kathmandu Valley
    As you will land in the TIA in Kathmandu to enter Nepal you can’t miss what amazing sights and experiences this city have to offer. It has seven UNESCO world heritage sites for you to pay a visit. Similarly, there are more than a dozen beautiful hiking and cycling trails surrounding the city. Last but not least try the Newari cuisine to cap off your Nepal vacation.
  4. Seeking the Serenity in Annapurna trekking
    The Annapurna region has been regarded as one of the best trekking trails that the world has to offer for the past decade. With more than a dozen different treks to choose from you can quickly choose the treks that fit you the best. For a balanced natural, cultural, and adventure-filled journey in the mountains of Nepal, you can’t go wrong with Annapurna.
  5. Lumbini the ‘Birthplace of Lord Buddha’
    One of the most sacred places in the world, “the birthplace of Lord Buddha”, Lumbini can bring a positive change in your life. Enjoy the serenity and simplicity with the monks and devotees alike while you are here. Spending some days here will help you to learn the teachings of Buddha himself from a closer perspective.

Be where nature heals you and makes you stronger
Safety in Isolation is what the pandemic has taught us during a time defined by restrictions. Being popular doesn’t guarantee you the best memories or experiences. Nepal is an underrated nation still not getting the recognition it deserves in Asia. Freshen yourself in the shades of the mighty Himalayas in your vacation here in 2022.

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