Best Trekking Routes in Annapurna Region

7 years ago

“one of the most scenic destinations on this planet with daily views of Annapurna Himalaya”

Annapurna Himalaya one of the most scenic and fascinating destinations around Himalaya and probably on earth for all types of adventure or leisure holidays, where you can marvel the beauty of the great massive Annapurna Himalaya range of peaks as you step in at beautiful Pokhara.

Pokhara a major city of Annapurna Himalaya, blessed with natural beauties of mountains, rolling green hills, valley and serene lakes with warm and mild temperatures where snow-capped peaks reflects on its calm lakes.

Ghardruk Village
Ghardruk Village

Pokhara the main place for many treks-hikes and other adventure where it starts and ends in this scenic city with close views of Annapurna Himalaya and majestic Machhapuchare Himal known as Fish Tail due to its twin summated peaks.

Annapurna the name comes from ancient Sanskrit word ‘Anna’ for crops/foods and ‘Purna’ means enough, it is interesting to know how the name Annapurna resembles as the mountains Annapurna provides glaciers that feed the rivers, and then irrigates the agriculture fields to yield more crops for the people with food enough, the word Anna-Purna.

Mt. Annapurna listed as world’s tenth highest peaks at 8,091 m and 26,545 ft the first eight thousand meters ever climbed in June 3rd 1950 by French Expeditions led by late legendry mountaineers Maurice Herzog, even before Mt. Everest was conquered.

Annapurna Himalaya one of the massive range of mountains of Himalaya which stretches towards west close to world’s 7th highest Mt. Dhaulagiri and touches 8th highest Mt. Manaslu in the east direction.

Main and Major Highlights:

It is hard to highlight Annapurna Himalaya a country of beautiful scenery, charming villages full of age-old culture and heritage interweaved with Buddhism religions in higher areas with Hindu in lower areas of Annapurna.

To Highlights, its main-major interesting and unique places will be views of Annapurna Himalaya from all directions on walks or just relaxing at your hotel in Pokhara or nearby town and villages.

Its special culture of mix tribes of people around Annapurna Himalaya where you can find the impressive custom of both Hindu and Buddhism religion, main tribes are Gurung in the south of Annapurna, further north and behind Annapurna are Manang people of strong Buddhism with similar traditions and way life of Tibetans.

Annapurna Himalaya one of the major and Old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade and Caravan Trail between Nepal and Tibet which extends further towards Kaligandaki River valley into Upper Mustang that touches the border of South West Tibet / China.

Due to its varied landscapes from low as 800 m to 8,091 meters with average human settlement at above 1,000 m to 3,400 meters high, where travelers can feel the change in climate from subtropical-meditearrein-alpine cooler temperatures to an arctic zone of ice and glaciers.

Along with altitude variation vegetations changes from tropical plants and trees to the coniferous and alpine woodland of tall rhododendron-magnolia-oaks-hemlocks-spruce-blue pines, firs to juniper trees.

Annapurna laden with the enchanting lovely forest of rhododendron and other flowering plants, some areas like Ghorepani which is 2-3 days walk from Pokhara filled with dense rhododendron trees, regarded as world’s largest natural garden with wildflowers in full bloom especially the rhododendron with many different species.

Flowering seasons in spring time from March to May where you can witness great varieties of wild flowers with national flower of Nepal the rhododendron.

Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalaya from world deepest gorge which you can witness on walks around Kaligandaki River Valley, a drop of more than 6,000 m at Kaligandaki sandwiched between giant peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, it is recorded as world’s deepest gorge about 20 times deeper than Grand Canyon of USA.

Other highlights are its villages with the warm and friendly hospitality of local villagers enriched with ancient heritage and colorful custom with traditional farm life and cattle herding where you can find nice and cozy lodges along the route of trekking.

Places to visit on treks or drives:

Ghorepani and Poon Hill Trekking, a short and moderate walk of less than week duration take you high at Poon Hill above 3,210 m, where you can catch stunning sunrise views over the chain of 360° wide range of Himalayan peaks, from Dhaulagiri-Tukuche-Nilgiri’s-Annapurna-Lamjung and Manaslu range with magnificent Machhapuchare Himal.

The area around Ghorepani and Poon Hill one of the most popular trekking destinations due to its scenic view-point surrounded with beautiful rhododendron forest.

Annapurna Base Camp:

Annapurna Base Camp one of the shortest treks to its base camp which is quite a wonder a walk of a week or less duration, nothing can beat the experience like trekking to Annapurna base camp.

Around great Himalaya range with world giant peaks, where walk leads to two weeks or more to reach base camp of high mountains, while Annapurna Base Camp takes shorter times than you can imagine where walk leads into nice Gurung villages with daily views of peaks then entering a wide open valley into scenic Annapurna Sanctuary where base camp located enclosed by whole Annapurna range of peaks.

One and only base camp in all Himalayan where you can find the comfort of a nice and cozy lodge with rooms facing views of mountains.

Annapurna Himalaya
Annapurna Himalaya


Annapurna Circuit:

An enjoyable moderate to adventurous walks leads from low-warm areas to cooler mid hills to arctic zone of ice and glaciers, as walks proceeds within nice and lovely villages intact with impressive Buddhist culture enclosed within northern side of Annapurna and Chulus peaks around beautiful Manang valley, where adventure leads to cross high and scenic Thorang-la pass above 5,416 m to reach Mustang region.

After a great adventure visit Kaligandaki villages of Muktinath holy temple and Jomsom town with charming Marpha village famous for delicious apples, located on old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade to Tibet.

One of the most popular and picturesque areas regarded as the world’s Top Ten adventure destinations.

Tilicho Lake and Nar-Phu:

Half of the walk is same as Annapurna circuit, with options of walking to scenic Tilicho Lake which is off the main trails, and then either cross Mesokanto-la pass to reach Jomsom for onwards journey to Pokhara or take the main Thorang-la pass trails.

Nar-Phu Areas quite different after walking some days on main trail of Annapurna circuit and then route diverts to remote and isolated corners of Manang valley into Nar-Phu villages within weather-beaten valleys, where you will be out of this world for some times exploring around this pristine country and then crossing high Kang-la pass to join at main Annapurna circuit trail to Manang and beyond.

Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Lake

Panchase Hill:

Close to Pokhara valley, a few days walk in and around a serene forest with daily views of Annapurna where walk leads to a climb at 2,500 m high Panchase Hilltop for the sweeping panorama of Annapurna-Dhaulagiri-Manaslu and Machhapuchare Himal, a pleasant peaceful destination of few days walks.

Khair Lake Trek:

Khair Lake same as Ghorepani for some days and then leaving the main trekking route to remote corners of Annapurna Himalaya heading towards high ridges of Kopra ridge with the grand panorama of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, and then optional hike to holy Lake of Khair a glacial pond considered as sacred located between great peaks of Annapurna.

One of the few hidden trekking destinations around Annapurna Himalaya within the serene wilderness of mountains and green hills covered within rhododendron forest.

Overall View:

Around Annapurna Himalaya, there are more treks to explore from a week to a month with everlasting memories and experience on Annapurna Himalaya region for all types of adventure where all age-groups can join in.

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