Nepal one of world’s friendly country where Nepalese offers its guest with warm hospitality, but there are few things that travelers have to be alert and aware choosing the right holidays in the right season, and choosing perfect Government authorized local company for your holidays and time in Nepal. As there are hundreds of Nepalese local agents that offer the same types of trips at cut-throat price than other reputed Government registered company, and this is where one has to be very careful and alert that you won’t have to suffer from unsatisfactory holidays and time in Nepal.

Always be smart and wise before planning and choosing your holiday with well renowned local companies despite the price that offers, serving you with good quality and excellent services of money worth and enjoyable times that you will remember and mesmerize for a long time.

Here are some few tips to help you plan and choosing the right companies for your enjoyable holidays around Nepal and other neighboring Himalayan countries.

1. Make sure that the company you might book is a legal and Government Registered and
approved by the Tourism Department.

2. Where trekkers traveling within all Himalayan regions for hike or treks require official
recommendations obtaining permits from legalizing local agents through TAAN
(Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal) or Tourism Department.

3. For Trekking Peaks or Mountaineering Expeditions where you one must obtain
permission obtaining legal permits to climb through NMA (Nepal Mountaineering
Association) or through concern Nepal Tourism Departments.

4. Make sure that the company that you booked for are running smoothly and with
successful trips and have maintained all Government policy and obligation like paying
VAT and other taxes including Royalty in some cases.

5. Make sure that the company has fully acquired the proper license for the State or Central
Bank of Nepal with authorization to run with foreign currencies transactions as from reputed
Central Bank of Nepal with proper license to operate in foreign currencies.

6. Where every company offers the same trips with a slight difference in prices, where one
must be alert and aware that the local company booked fulfills and provides with
money-worth holidays, as well as treating its staff and guides with proper welfare, care and
providing reasonable wages including porters on treks, make sure that all guides and
porters are insured medically or against accidents while on treks or climb.

7. Where the company that you are interested to travel with are Eco-Friendly abiding rules and
norms on Responsible Tourism, as well as sharing information to clients and as well
maintaining trekking routes, and disposing litters and garbage on propped disposal sites
as per the rules of local communities, ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Ares Project) and
National Parks of the region.

The above information provided to make your trips will be a great success with an enjoyable time as per the company that you have booked with, above important lines will make you wise and alert before planning and choosing the right local or abroad company, as in old English saying and a proverb ‘stitch in time saves nine’.